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Tips & Tricks


Each hat comes with an adjustable braided hat band! Should your hat be a little large, just tug on the hat band and you hat will fit like a glove. The hat band is not sewn on or glued on. It is easy to change and not damage your hat. The band will come with a long tail so as to wear on the back and hang down. For all you gals this gives the hat a feminine touch. It can also be set to the side and trimmed off for a more sophisticated look.
You can make this hat look like your are going to church or just came out of a bar room brawl.


You can roll the crown down to a low crown look or push up for a tall crown. Use steam to shape the crown the way you like for a quick shaping. You can achieve this easily by boiling a pot of water and holding your hat above as the steam collects in the hat. I recommend just setting the crown to the height you like and letting time shape your hat.


The brim is the most popular 3" brim. You can shape the brim anyway you like! Roll the sides up, down in front, down in back, up on one side. The shape can be changed at anytime by just shaping the brim.

Caring for your hat

Keep your hat where air will circulate around the hat. This will keep leather from drying out. NEVER leave your leather hat or any leather product in a hot vehicle especially where no air can circulate. This will cause leather to dry out and severely shorten the life time of your leather product. No treatment is needed to preserve the leather. If your hat gets wet, let it dry out. For Nubuck Hats: Use a suede brush to brush out the leather if you want to get the nap back. As for me, I let it go as it will add more character.

Want to keep it clean and not worry about getting wet?
Spray your hat with a water repellent. This can be found in most sporting goods stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods and can be found in most Wal-Marts.

Want to age it fast?
Get the hat wet, mold crown to your desire. Add pinch up front on sides etc. Let it dry and wear. If possible wear while very damp and it will mold to your head and your character will show through!

Should your hat shrink a little there is no need to worry. Wet the inside of the crown area (where you wear the hat) and wear it til it is dry. This will mold it to your head.

Do not worry about sweat as it will only add character to you hat!