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Leather Hats


I manufactured leather hats 1981-1999! My hats have been worn by the band members of Waylon Jenning's band & Sammy Kershaw. Sold in leather shops and retail stores from Florida to Maine and from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Our hats are made to be very versatile. Every hat is made through the same process, but styled differently in the pictures posted throughout this site. View our Tips & Tricks page under the “Hats” heading to discover how you can style your hat to fit your personality.

Every part of the hat is glued with a latex contact glue prior to sewing. As the hat is sewn the needle heats up and the latex glued seals around the nylon thread. A galvanized wire is sewn into the brim. The brim is folded over the wire and NO foreign material like nylon sewn to the brim. The wire will punch though the nylon and most other materials. The galvanized wire resists rust as a rusty wire will dry rot the leather and ruin the hat.

You can roll the crow down to a low crown look or push up for a tall crown. Use steam to shape the crown the way you like for a quick shaping. I recommend just setting the crown to the height you like and letting time shape your hat.

The brim is the most popular 3" brim. You can shape the brim anyway you like! Roll the sides up, down in front, down in back, up on one side. The shape can be changed at anytime by just shaping the brim.

Each hat will come with a braided hat band. Should your hat be a little large, just tug on the hat band and you hat will fit like a glove. Perfect for when getting a hair cut.

LEATHER is a natural material and may contain some scratches and blemishes. This is a true characteristic of leather.

Since the leather for each hat is cut and made to fit your individual head size, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


Full Grain Cow Hide

This leather is absolutely fantastic! Medium temper for extreme comfort and retaining shape. Excellent body and the finish is extremely nice. This leather will build character and the more you wear it the better it looks.

Nubuck Leather


This leather has a buffed grain finish giving this beautiful hat a soft suede-like look and feel, but sturdy as you can expect leather to be!


Water Buffalo

Newest of the leather family in our inventory. Each of the colors has a matte-like finish. This leather is considered exotic and made from the rear of the water buffalo, which is considered to be the best part of the animal. This leather is similar to the Full Grain Cow Hide- just as strong, durable and long lasting.